Partial Deep Cleaning

A first-time deep cleaning is an intensive and thorough cleaning of a space, addressing areas not typically covered in routine cleaning. It involves detailed attention to neglected areas, such as baseboards, corners, and hidden surfaces, aiming to establish a fresh and pristine foundation for regular maintenance


• Remove cobwebs
• Dusting (where accessible)
• Clean the inside and out of sliding glass doors & french doors
• Vacuum (all floors, carpets and rugs)
• Mop (hard floors)


• Countertops and backsplashes
• Cabinets (outside only)
• Sinks, faucets, knobs and drain openings
• Range top, microwave
• Vacuum (all floors, carpets and rugs)
• Mop (hard floors)


• Washer and Dryer
• Sink and countertops
• Cabinets
• Vacuum and Mop floors


• Showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets
• Vanity, cabinets and mirrors
• Vacuum (all floors, carpets and rugs)
• Mop (hard floors)
• Remove trash and recycling

ADD ONs available to include, please ask what kind of deals we have going on at the moment!

1. Clean Baseboards (where accessible)
2. Clean Doors
3. Clean Light Switches
4. Clean Interior Windows (glass, frame and tracks)
5. Clean Light fixtures (where accessible)
6. Deep Clean Blinds
7. Deep Clean Oven
8. Deep Clean Refrigerator
9. Deep Clean Dishwasher
10. Deep Clean Washer and Dryer
11. Declutter & Organize Spaces
12. Wipe Walls
13. Fold Laundry
14. Dishes (unload and load the the dishwasher and by hand)
15. Pick up/organize before cleaning

Transform your space into an oasis of purity

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