Move-out Cleaning

This thorough cleaning process is specifically designed for tenants who are vacating a property, ensuring the residence is left in pristine condition. It involves a comprehensive and meticulous cleaning of every area within the property, from top to bottom, aiming to restore it to its original state or as close as possible. The goal of Move-out Cleaning is to leave the property in immaculate condition, meeting the standards set by landlords, property managers or realtors and ensuring a smooth transition for new tenants or new owners


• Remove cobwebs
• Dusting (all rooms including closets)
• Wipe baseboards (where accessible), doors and light switches
• Wash inside and out of sliding glass doors or french doors
• Vacuum (all floors, carpets and rugs)
• Mop (hard floors)
• Interior Windows (glass, frame and tracks)
• Light fixture (where accessible)
• Wipe blinds


• Countertops, back splashes and cabinets (inside and out)
• Sinks, faucets, knobs and drain openings
• Range top, microwave and oven
• Refrigerator (inside and out)
• Vacuum (all floors, carpets and rugs)
• Mop (hard floors)


• Wipe Wash and Dryer (behind and around, if possible)
• Sink and countertops (if any)
• Cabinets (inside and out, if any)
• Vacuum and Mop floors


• Showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets
• Vanity, cabinets (inside and out) and mirrors
• Vacuum (all floors, carpets and rugs)
• Mop (hard floors)
• Remove trash and recycling


• Remove cobwebs
• Sweep the floors

Transform your space into an oasis of purity

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